What is Fistula?

Obstetric fistula is the most devastating and serious of all childbirth injuries. It happens because most mothers in poor countries give birth without any medical help. So many are young girls. Complications from pregnancy and childbirth are among the leading causes of death and disability for women of reproductive age in these places. Obstetric fistula was eradicated in the United States more than 100 years ago thanks to emergency cesarean section surgery. After enduring days of agonizing, obstructed labor a woman's body is literally broken by childbirth. During labor contractions, the baby's head is constantly pushing against the mother’s pelvic bone — causing tissue to die due to lack of blood flow to this area. All of that pushing creates a hole, or in medical terms a "fistula", between the birth passage and an internal organ such as the bladder or rectum. A woman cannot hold her urine, and sometimes bowel content as well. Her baby is unlikely to survive. If she survives, a woman with fistula is likely to be rejected by her husband because of her inability to bear more children and her foul smell. She will be shunned by her community and forced to live an isolated existence. These women suffer profound psychological trauma resulting from their utter loss of status and dignity, in addition to suffering constantly from their physical internal injury. Fistula is a abnormal medical condition which results in the growth of un necessary passage ways between different organs which need not have been there in the first place. fistulas can develop almost anywhere inside the body and between any two organs. although in most cases it is not much of a complication and can be easily treated using medication and surgery. However precautions and treatment not taken at the right time might lead to problems like infection and even cancer at times. Some of the Places Fistula might Develop include
1.salivary gland
6.rectal fistula
7.intestinal fistula
8.gall bladder fistula

Types of Fistula:

Fistula are divided into three broad categories according to the physical features and type of connections shown by the fistula
1.blind(one open end )
2.complete (external and internal openings)
2.incomplete (something that does not connect to any internal organ) custom paper
Fistula is also classified according to the place of existence of fistula. Here the name refers to the place where the fistula can be found
1.vaginal fistula
2.rectal fistula
3.anal fistula
4.lacrimal fistula
5.mastoid fistula
6.bladder fistula
Fistula occurs in various places around the body so there causes are also varied and cannot be generalized. However some common causes of fistula include
1.diseases ( several inflammatory diseases like crohns disease and ulcerative colitis.)
2.medical treatment( radiation therapy and gallbladder surgery can cause fistula)
3.trauma caused by injury specially head injury and even rape.
In medicine, a fistula (pl. fistulas or fistulae) is an abnormal connection or passageway between two epithelium-lined organs or vessels that normally do not connect. It is generally a disease condition, but a fistula may be surgically created for therapeutic reasons. Without treatment, fistula often leads to social, physical, emotional and economic decline. Although some women with fistula display amazing courage and resilience, many others succumb to illness and despair. The misery of fistula is relentless. In spite of one's best efforts to stay clean, the smell of leaking urine or faeces is hard to eliminate and difficult to ignore. The dampness causes rashes and infections. The cleaning up is constant, and pain or discomfort may be continuous as well. The grief of losing a child and becoming disabled exacerbates the pain. The courage many women show in the face of these challenges is extraordinary. The injury leaves women with few opportunities to earn a living, and many have to rely on others to survive, or turn to begging or commercial sex. In some communities they are not allowed to have anything to do with food preparation and may be excluded from prayer or other religious observances. Although many women with fistula have supportive families, the smell can drive even loving husbands and friends away. For many women, the profound social isolation is worse than the physical torment. The pain and loneliness associated with fistula is often compounded by a sense of shame and humiliation. In some communities, the condition is seen as a punishment or a curse for an assumed wrongdoing, rather than as a medical condition.

Anal Fistula?

A fistula in ano is a tunnel like- pipe like track, developed in the perennial region, usually having one or more external openings around the anus leading to an internal opening in anal fistula, fistula in ano, rectal vaginal fistula, anal fistula plug, anal fistula treatment, ano rectal fistula, rectal fistula, anal fistula pictures, enfermedad del ano rectal fistula com, fistula en ano, Bhagandara, ksharsootra, kshar sutra treatment, Ksharsutra treatment, Ksharsootra - medicated setone, laser surgery, radio surgey, Proctoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy treatment in gujarat, india, asia.the mucosa of the anal canal or the rectum. Anal fistula is termed "Bhagandara" in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda fistulas, like other diseases have been classified according to the vitiation of one per more of the three doshas i.e. the vata, the Pitta & the kapha. They have been classified also according to the shape & site of the track of the fistula. Special treatment for such different kinds of fistulas is mention in detail. It is worth noting that the complex & most challenging horse shoe fistula ( complex Ischio-rectal fistula) has been dealt with in detail in Sushruta a classical Ayurveda text) even as early as 300 ad.The Ksharsutra treatment was probably first advised per this type of fistula named Parikshepi Bhagandara by Sushurta. This Ksharsootra treatment, with a little modification has proved its worth even in modern times.Anal fistula, a rare condition, is a chronically inflamed, abnormal tunnel between the anal canal and the outer skin of the anus. It often drains watery pus, which can irritate the outer tissues and cause itching and discomfort.

Symptoms of Fistula

Symptoms of anal fistula may include A patient of fistula in ano often suffers from a recurrent, small or large boil/boils/abscess surrounding the anus, accompanied with pain, discomfort & pus/blood discharge. The symptoms subside when the boil / abscess burst spontaneously causing some more discharge for a couple of days. The boil / abscess "heals up" temporarily but almost always reappears after some times. Itching, discharge of watery pus, irritation of tissue around the anus, discomfort & pain these are the main symptoms of the fistula in ano Some of the most Common Symptoms of Anal Fistula Include
1.Throbbing pain ,itching and discomfort in the regions in and around the anus.
2.Abscess releases watery puss or mucus which is stained with blood.
3.Repeated bouts of fever
5.Loss of apetite
6.Weight loss
Several Diagnosis test need also be taken in order to completely come to the conclusion that its fistula. They Include

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